Top Five Tropical Fruit Flavored Vape Juices

Christmas season has already started and the vibes all around are just incredible. All the vapers out there, do you want to make this Christmas even more exciting and flavorsome? Then you must try out tropical fruity flavors that will not only reinvigorate your senses but offer you an out of the world feeling. So check out some of the top rated tropical fruit flavored vape juices from renowned manufacturers below and choose the one you feel enticing for your taste buds and soul!

Nude SCP is the flavorsome combination of the goodness of strawberry, coconut and pineapple. The result of this unique combination is a tart and tangy e-juice flavor that will make you go aww. One hit of this impeccable e juice will take you to the world of tropical islands instantly. Nude SCP perfectly amalgamates the sweetness of strawberry and tartness of pineapple which is backed by coconut undertone. On inhale you get a delightful strawberry flavor which mixes up with the tanginess of tropical pineapple eventually. On the exhale you get to experience the delightful creaminess of coconut hints in to mix. This vape juice is an ideal deal for tropical experience seekers!

S.C.P. by Nude 120ml


Tropical by Sweet & Fruity is another tropical delight for the fruit lovers. This vape juice mixes all those fruits that drifts off your mind to the beautiful five-star resort feeling with a giant fruit spread freshly made just for you. You get the flavors of mangos, pineapples and passion fruit altogether which makes you fall in love with this flavor over and over again.

Tropical by Sweet & Fruity 100ml


Tropical Pucker Punch by Lemon Twist is a delectable tropical fruit punch flavor that combines fruity flavors with a lemony twist. On the inhale you experience a citrusy pineapple tang along with the sweetness of orange to pack a wallop. On the exhale you get the flavor of strawberry and blueberry overtones that match perfectly with the unique fruit punch flavor. This Christmas try out this sweet delight.

Tropical Pucker Punch by Lemon Twist 60ml


Mad Melon by Tropic King is the Triumvirate of Melons which will drive you mad with its truly incredible flavor. This vape juice is the delicious combination of Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew melons that will sweeten up your Christmas celebration to the point of delirium.

Mad Melon by Tropic King 100ml


Curiosity (Lava Blast) by Space Jam brings all your favorite fruits together from across the globe to leave your mouth water for it more. Get your taste buds fruity with the bursts of tangy pineapple and sweet, freshly ripened strawberries upon each inhale. And to calm the fruit flavors and fill out the overall flavor profile there is a flavor of smooth, creamy bananas and chewy, milky Coconut.

Curiosity (Lava Blast) by Space Jam 60ml



E Juice Store has a tropical fruity vape juice collection in its inventory that will lighten up your mood and invigorate your Christmas mood instantly. From Nude SCP to Mad Melon by Tropic King and more, you can find it all with them. For more details visit

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