Top WatermelonVape Juice You Must Try Now

If you are in the venture of quitting tobacco, there is nothing better to add watermelon juice into your vape. Imagine what your happiness level would be when you inhale crisp cloud of fresh fruit instead of acrid smoke.  Whether you like your watermelon vape juice straight up or mixed, we have got some of the finest vape liquids for you.

Watermelon Vape Juice

Mod Fuel Redstone Watermelon E-Juice:

Perhaps the idea of mint upset your mind. All you are looking for is wholesome watermelon, but you are fed up of flacid juice that falls short to deliver. Well, you are in luck with Redstone by the stellar Mod Fuel.

From the very moment you inhale it, you won’t be dominated by sweetness, but you will enjoy that full git of pleasing freshness you wish from watermelon. With seventy percent VG to thirty percent PG, you will enjoy whirling vape clouds alongside an easier time inhaling.

For a slice or 2 of watermelon without those annoying seeds, treat yourself to some Redstone and relish unspoiled freshness all through the summer months and year-long.

SkwezedVape Juice:

Skwezed Watermelon e-juice mixes juicy ripe watermelon slices & organic taste that’s pure summer delight.

What is more exciting on a hot summer evening than biting into a big slice of juicy, sweet watermelon? One of the most revitalizing fruits out there, when you inhale SkwezedVape Juice you can’t help yourself but drag dipper and dipper into self-satisfaction. This vape juice lives up to its name with realistic, natural watermelon flavour that’ll take your taste bud to another level.

Chubby Bubble Bubble Melon E-Juice?

What to do if watermelon is not sweet and fresh enough for you? How about getting some melon bubblegum for an e-juice that is mouth-watering?

You will enjoy a subtle watermelon flavour that is unique in itself. The taste combined with a beautiful smell makes it a real-crowd pleaser. With a VG proportion of 70 and PG proportion of 30, this e-liquid gives smooth and robust clouds without excessive throat hit.

For an interesting blend of watermelon and other fruity flavour, look no further than We are committed to bring you the vape juice you are exactly looking for.

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