Transform your First Date a Fruity Delight with Guava Peach Vape Juice

Want to increase your chances of success on your first date? Switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigs! Now you must be wondering what makes vaping an e-cig better than that of smoking tobacco cigarettes! The first worst thing about tobacco cigarette smoking is that it causes serious health issues. And as far as dating scene is concerned these cigarettes make your breath, hair and even your clothes stink that results in ruining the moment! So make sure to cancel out smoking when deciding on suitability of a potential partner.

If you are thinking of leaving back the pack of cigarettes at home on the date evening is the solution, then you are wrong as you may get an urge to smoke during the date which can make you irritable! So if you do not want to ruin your dating scene while satisfying your crave for vape, then vaping e-cig is your best bet! Switching to vaping will not only make you smell good but it can also be an interesting talking point for you and your date. And break the awkward silences that often make dates boring and uninteresting. Now that you have switched to vaping , you must decide on which vape juice flavor will be ideal for your first date! Talking about vape juice flavors peach and guava make a deadly combo. Love the combination? Then check out some of the best guava peach flavored vape juices below:

Guava Peach by Juice Head

The Guava Peach vape juice by Juice Head is the newest rendition that offers ultimate refreshment and delicious burst of flavor that will instantly invigorate your taste buds like a delectable smoothie on a hot summer day. On the inhale, the splashes of tropical guava will make your taste buds satisfied with its sugary taste that sends you off to paradise. On the exhale, the fruity peach enters the scene and mixes up with guava flavor creating a refreshingly delicious medley of fruity delights. Make your first date a delightful experience with Guava Peach vape juice by Juice Head!

Guava Peach Vape Juice

Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors

Devil’s Punchbowl by Khali Vapors is an intoxicating vape combination that amalgamates the exotic Asian guava with the sweet juicy peaches. This guava peach vape juice is a tropical delight that bursts with tart flavors that will amuse you taste buds and produce rich vapor clouds offering you a delicious vape experience. It is a scrumptious thirst quencher that will make you crave for more and more. Grab a bottle of Devil’s Punchbowl today and make your date scene exciting.

Orgasm Ice by One Up Vapor Original

Orgasm Ice by One Up Vapor Original is one of the best overall guava peach flavored vape juices which blends watermelon with it as well. This amazing combination has been made even more delicious with hint of menthol offering icy orgasm! Isn’t that a great option for your first date?

Mango Peach Guava by Fruit Monster

Mango Peach Guava by Fruit Monster is a delightful flavorsome vape juice that refreshes your taste buds instantly. Inhaling this delicious vape juice gives you splashes of tangy mango on your taste buds and the peach and guava mix on the exhale creates an astonishing medley of flavors.


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