Take Delight in Refreshing Vaping with Menthol Flavored Vape Juices

Menthol flavored e cigs offer one of the most refreshing vaping experiences. That is why; most of the people are switching over to e cigs. Menthol is an exhilarating vape juice flavor as it gives a cool, refreshing essence with hint of peppermint. Moreover, menthol flavors can be amalgamated with other flavors such as fruit flavors to enhance the vaping experience even more. If you wish to feel refreshed and stimulated instantly with just one hit, then try out menthol vape juices.

Following is a list of top menthol flavored vape juices that one need to try and relish the best vaping experience. Have a look:

  • Mist by Aqua Menthol (ICE)

Mist by AQUA Menthol, ICE is an astonishing combination of summer ripened fruits such as major tones of Green Apple, juicy Peach, and the exotic taste of Kiwi along with mint dash. Experience the crispness of tart green apple notes on the inhale followed by the peachy notes and a kiwi dash. On the exhale, the peach flavor gets more prominent along with a cool menthol  infusion.

Crisp menthol vape juice by USA Vape Lab Menthol offers an enlivening sensation of chilled mint. Crisp menthol vape juice is an ultra-refreshing storm of super cool mint and extra cold menthol flavor that makes it a perfect vape juice for menthol aficionados. The subzero throat hit of this vape juice is packed with a menthol freeze that guarantees to chill your mouth. If you are in search of a pure menthol e-juice flavor then Crisp Menthol vape juice by USA Vape Lab Menthol is your ultimate choice. The cool menthol vape juice has a high VG, hence it produces big clouds and great flavor.

Crisp Menthol Vape Juice

  • Glacier by NKTR Ice

Glacier by NKTR Ice is a perfect menthol flavored vape juice that is loved by menthol lovers of every type. Experience a smooth and refreshing vaping with a perfect amount of cool. This vape juice is made with the only authentic brand of nicotine which is not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust. TFN® Nicotine is odorless and tasteless and lets you relish a purer and more refined flavor profile.

  • Mint by Air Factory Salts

Mint by Air Factory Salts is a limited edition flavor that is as a mint Juul Pods on a warm summer day. This limited edition flavor infuses the purest menthol dash to your taste buds instantly. Salt Factory is a nicotine salt infused e-Liquid formulated for pod systems and other similar low power devices.

  • Iced Winter Green by SaltBae50

Iced Winter Green by SaltBae50 is a fresh, clean, minty flavor of wintergreen that is topped off with a hint of menthol. This vape juice is pure, crisp, and minty burst that keeps you coming back for more.


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