Tropical Fruit Mix Vape Juice Flavors – Vaping Blissfully!

Tropical fruit mix flavors are magical. These mix flavors can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul instantly with just one hit. If you want to get transported to a tropical island surrounded by ocean and take delight in the fruity delights, then you must consider trying out the vape juices with tropical fruit mix flavor. Have a look at some of the tropical fruit mix vape juices from top manufacturers below to choose from.

Phenomenon by Noms X2 120ml

Phenomenon by Noms X2 is an experience of lifetime. This 120 ml of pure bliss is a flavor that is just one big mystery that no one has solved till date. This mysterious flavor is the ultimate tropical fruit mix from the house of Noms X2 that ends up with an icy dash leaving your refreshed. Fall in love with Phenomenon with each hit and relish a surprising flavor each time!

  • Tropical Blast by Keep It 100

Tropical Blast by Keep It 100 is a mouthwateringmerger of exotic guava juice and tropical fruits. On the inhale it offers a sweet guava taste causing your mouth to drool like a waterfall. Upon exhaling the apple, watermelon, lychee, raspberry all come into play and accompaniments the sweet fruity inhale flawlessly. It is an amazing way to explore the fruity flavors.

  • Tropical Worm by One Up Vapor Bolt

Tropical Worm by One Up Vapor Bolt e juice is an exquisite combination of the classic gummy crawlers, with a rush of fruity flavors that delivers a extraordinary sweet and sour profile making your taste buds crave for more and more.

  • Tropic by Hi-Juku

Hi-Jukubrand comes with 2 brand new flavors to the market that will take your taste buds on a striking journey of flavor. Tropic by Hi-Juku is the second of these two flavorsome e liquid formations. The vape juice will take your taste buds on a much needed vacation. You will be relishing the experience of the flavors of the tropics with this sultry blend of exotic tropical fruit chewy candy.

  • Tropical Pucker Punch by Lemon Twist

Tropical Pucker Punch by Lemon Twist is a delightful tropical fruit punch flavor straight from the punch bowl.During the inhale a citrusy pineapple tang and the sweetness of orange get combined to really offer you a bash of flavors. On the exhale strawberry and blueberry overtones get added to match that unique fruit punch flavor. Pucker up for some sweet summer vape juice and get this juice in your vape tank today!

  • Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100

Blue Slushie Tropical by Keep It 100 is a surprisingly delicious blend of flavors that offers a perfect taste. Its flavorful mix of blue raspberry and strawberry drink blended with a medley of tropical fruits will make you fall in love with this tropical delight. So what are you waiting for? Get indulged into the tropical flavors today.


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