Unique Wedding Photo Ideas During COVID-19

Unique Wedding Photo Ideas During COVID-19

Weddings are going to look a whole lot different for the predictable future because of the COVID pandemic. Wedding photo ideas are one thing that both brides & grooms need to mull over when planning a pandemic wedding. How will everybody stay socially distanced enough to be safe but still within the frame? Fortunately, you are not alone to figure this out. Any professional Essex wedding photographer can help you come out with ideas to make your wedding pictures really special. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Outdoor spaces:

If your wedding event is going to happen outdoor, then you are already set up for socially distanced wedding pictures. There’ll be so much spaces to move around so all your friends and family members can get in the shot. In case you are not having an outdoor wedding affair, work with your wedding venue and Essex wedding photographer to find right outdoor spaces that can be used for taking photos. Whether it is simply a set of nice trees or standing in front of the venue, there’ll probably be somewhere outside where your wedding party can take some shots.

Matching masks:

There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a pandemic situation. A unique wedding photo idea could be to have customised matching masks for you & your guests. By doing so you are all set to not just get some unique pictures but also keep guests a bit safer at the same time. We aren’t saying you’ve to put on them for every picture, but any group shots you need to take could be masked. It may not be your dream wedding picture, but it surely reflects the time in which you tied the knot!

Get input from your Essex wedding photographer:

Don’t hesitate to take opinion of your photographer when it comes to wedding picture idea during this pandemic. There is no denying that they have been thinking of ways to capture your day and make it just as special as it always would have been through the lens. Team up with your photographer to come out with some unique photo ideas and how they can be captured while keeping everybody safe.

We are living through some bizarre times right now but celebration of life must carry on. Finding right wedding photo ideas during this pandemic time can be possible with a just a little help from your Essex wedding photographer.

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