Vape Juice Flavors from OG Classic – A Nostalgic Experience

If you are in search of some unimaginable yet flavorsome vape juice flavors that will take you to the classic times, then OG Classic is a brand that you can rely upon. OG Classic manufactures four best vape juice flavors that will make you crave for it more and more. Let us check out the four amazing flavors from this classic brand below –

  • Butter Apple by OG Classic 100ml

Butter Apple by OG Classic 100ml bottle is filled with a satisfying and unbeatable thick and intensely sweet flavor of apples. The apples used are freshly picked straight from the coniferous forests and then are crushed carefully and roasted slowly until they become perfectly caramelized and gluey. Then a dash of cinnamon is added to it that infuses spicy notes to the delicious aromatic apple tones and crafts a vape juice that is incredible and delectable. Butter Apple by OG Classic 100ml  will take you to the flavorful times when your grandma baked fresh apple pies that watered your mouth. The sweet apple slices are cooked with butter and sugar till they soften enough to melt in your mouth and caress your taste buds. On the inhale feel the buttery apples and on the exhale a small splash of cinnamon infused in the apple butter will make you go aww!

Butter Apple by OG Classic 100ml

Crypto by OG Classic is a classic excellence from OG Classic. This vape juice offers a cool, sweet and refreshing taste of melon paired with a hard candy note of your favorite flavor. So if you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated then do try out Crypto by OG Classic.

Crypto by OG Classic 100ml

Neon by OG Classic is one of the most loved flavors of this season. This vape juice is a perfect combination of oranges, raspberries and a dash of citrus along with a subtle creamy background to make you feel the chill! The flavor of this vape juice will make you forget all your worries and offer a vibrantly flavorful rainbow sherbet taste. On the inhale, you will feel the tanginess of raspberries and on the exhale the citrus tangs of oranges, lemon and lime will make your taste buds enjoy a citrusy bliss. Get back to the old time and become nostalgic for a few seconds with Neon by OG Classic.

Neon by OG Classic 100ml

  • Honey Milk by OG Classic 100ml

Honey Milk by OG Classic is a new addition to the family of OG Classic vape juices that provides soft, billowy clouds of creamy and milky flavors that are infused with the light notes of honey. The flavor of this vape juice will take you to the fields of puffy marshmallows with open sky pouring down the sweet milk rain. And then you will be out of your dreams with the perfect notes of rich honey. So make your taste buds juggle up in the land of milk and honey!

Honey Milk by OG Classic 100ml


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