Ice Mint Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2

Why Do You Buy HQD V2 Strawberry Disposable Vape Pod Device?

Buying HQD V2 Disposable Vape Pod Device

HQD V2 is a revolutionary all-in-one disposable vape pod device designed specifically to deliver award-winning alternative to habit of smoking cigarettes. If you want to get rid of smoking habit and look for an exceptional solution and are very much apprehensive about vaping, HQD V2 vape pod is right option.

Strawberry Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2

When you buy the V2 pod system, you will have simple and carefree vaping experience. This kit is completely accessible to any adult seeking to quit smoking habit. Every V2 Disposable Vape Pod device comprises of adequate amount of salt nicotine e-liquid best matching a complete pack of cigarettes.

The vape pod is powered by using a pre-charged low wattage battery. It has no buttons or necessary complicated settings for its operation. That means, the device is ready enough to enjoy directly out of the package.

The HQD V2 pods are small in size and fit pockets of any size as well as deliver amazing flavors. They offer satisfying amount of vapor which will help you switch the smoking habit for good. All of salt nicotine e-liquids are masterfully combined by specialists available at Salt Nic Labs. They utilize only the premium grade ingredients ensuring ultimate enjoyment and satisfaction.

If you are seeking for effortless vaping experience, then the HQD V2 vape pods offer you a great value. When you buy every V2 pack, there are 3 V2 disposable vape pods, which are equal to a whopping 60 cigarettes.

In addition to, it offers 12 delightful refreshing flavors that won’t linger or stick to your clothes. So, what better way to ditch smoking habits and grab a pack of V2 vape pods! You will start enjoying an active smoke-free lifestyle.

Out of all the flavors, Strawberry Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2 is the perfect option you should go for. If you love strawberry flavor, this is the flavor you should go for. The vape pod device has fresh strawberry with splashes of mixed berry undertones offering an exhilarating juicy finish.

Apart from strawberry, Pineapple Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2 is a must; if you really want to taste the deliciousness of pineapples. The device is uniquely crafted to bring in only natural flavors to delight every pineapple loving vaping enthusiast.

Ice Mint Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2

Besides, Ice Mint Disposable Vape Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD V2 is a vaping kit perfectly designed with master craft precision. Additionally, the e-juice devices have the high quality salt nicotine along with delectable flavors.

You will get to experience different fruits like pineapple, strawberry for yourself. You should grab your perfect disposable vape pod device from Ejuice Store and figure out your favorite flavor best suiting your vaping preferences and requirements. For more details about our vaping devices, please visit our website at

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