What Are the Top Characteristics of an Ideal Document Management Software?

Many businesses have heaps of paperwork, making it tough for project managers to find particular documents. Implementing document management software like ISETIA would be essential for a business to thrive. When searching for an efficient document management system, there are seven major qualities to consider about the software. Let’s find out what are these qualities below:


Cross platform functionality:

Access to your organized documents shouldn’t be restricted to a single device. It’s critical to make sure the system is compatible with all devices – be it laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphone. With modern technology, there’s no reason that applications are unavailable for any of these devices.

Powerful search features:

A perfect document management system contains a powerful document search engine that searches through document content and provides you fast results and lets you retrieve documents quickly.

Simple & easy to use interface:

The DMS you choose must be simple & easy to navigate. Not everyone in your company has to be technologically savvy, the simpler the software, the easier is it to use.


Boosts productivity:

Look to buy a document management software that can be easily understood by all the team members to save money and time invested on training in the new system. Ideal document management system must offer role based information & alerts based on documents.

Maximum security:

Security is one of the most important aspects of a DMS. The best software will give a high level of documents encryption & role based access. Structure is a key point to keep an order of complex documentation. Centralized, cloud-based repository gives full access from any place.

Access from anywhere:

A perfect DMS will have  an inbuilt enterprise level 3P Management & Project Collaboration platform that routes the documents to their destination. It lets you create your own processes and manage all the documents and projects all under one cloud that can be accessed from anywhere.


Document management with ISETIA – the best document and project management software  exciting new features. It covers all essential tools to manage, collaborate, edit and circulate documents in an extraordinarily visualized way. As ISETIA offers a 24/7/365 web based platform, you can get access to your documents from any place of the world, with basic hardware requirements.

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