What Is Moroccan Kilim Rugs, And Why It Is Much Appreciated By Consumers

Have you heard of kilim rugs? Kilim rugs are the most unique and impressive rugs available to decorate your homes. They are not only beautiful works of art but are made to be used and walked on. They can be very durable and resistant to traffic. They are one of the most famous Moroccan pile-less rugs that people can easily buy online. Kilim rugs are produced using traditional weaving tools, including knife/scissors and metal beating combs. They can come in various styles, colours, & designs and are customized in both small & large sizes. They are pile-less rugs that are generally flat in characteristic.


Moroccan Kilim rugs are hand-woven, and such a pile-less rug is made by using a flat weaving technique that continues dates back to ancient times in Morocco. Kilim rugs served as art and self-expression for the people who made them by hand. These techniques are commonly practised and gain a deeper appreciation of the rug as a work of art. Kilim rug weavers are master craftswomen who used natural wool, and natural dyes. The artist works with the motifs like an animal, plants, geometric, symbol to make an endless variety of colours and patterns. The motifs and colours told remarkable stories and made each kilim unique. A lover of the Moroccan Kilim rug can learn the real meanings of a kilim rug’s symbols and motifs.


Are the Kilim rugs being suitable for home décor? The Moroccan Kilim rug comes in various styles and colours that make these rugs ideal for traditional or modern settings. You choose Moroccan Kilim rug to place on the floor or hang it on the wall. They also can be used in multiple ways, including wall hangings, bench coverings, and much more. It represents the attractiveness and passion of Moroccan history. It also depicts the artistic creation and stories of its maker. Look for a Moroccan Kilim rug that is well-made and will suit your decor, but also select the one that everyone likes to see, and you fall in love with it.

Benefits Of Using Moroccan Kilim rugs 

Moroccan Kilim rugs have been in use for centuries. Apart from using it from flooring, it is much appreciated by consumers for several reasons:

  • Affordable – Moroccan Kilim rugs are inexpensive compared to other types of handmade or machine-made rugs. Natural wool kilim rugs are expensive yet much cheaper than the hand-knotted oriental rugs or high-end rugs with thick piles.
  • Portable: Its flat weaving technique makes it light in weight. A single person can roll it & carry it easily from one place to another.
  • Placement: They are good to use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Many homeowners make it a creative element by hanging them on the wall to create an oriental home atmosphere. A kilim rug is also best fit for placing in kitchens, hallways, and entryways.


  • Reversible: The unique weaving technique permits the patterns and colours to remain the same on either side. It can be reversible easily. So when it gets dirty, turn it over, and you have a fresh one in your space.
  • Durability: The reversibility feature of the rug increases its lifespan.
  • Easy to clean: It is easy to clean at home and does not need professional cleaning. These are the rugs that you can clean in your washing machines too. They do not have long hairy piles, so cleaning a kilim rug is like cleaning your jeans pants except for its thickness.
  • Get creative: Since they have short piles and are soft carpets, many use them as mattress covers. Having a very flat and light structure, they also make a fine curtained door.


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