What Learning A New Language Can Do To You?

If you have not yet decided to learn a new language, then you are in the right place. We here explain what learning a new language at group language classes in Los Angles can make. Enrolling yourself in the best language learning institutes in Los Angles will definitely learn a new language, but does is that only what you learn. No, it is not that you acquire only a new language but learn many other things that make your life easier to live.


You may be amazed to hear this, so let us explain the positive effects of learning a new language at group language classes.

Enable your brain to workout

As psycholinguists established, a person who can speak and understand more than one language can give his brain an excellent workout. It is also that monolingual persons remain outperformed by multilingual persons in various cognitive tasks. When you speak a language that you generally do not speak, your brain continually works to stop you from thinking and speaking your known language.

You will notice that when you speak a language recently learned, words from your known language try to sneak in. Like if you generally talk French and try to speak Spanish, you will notice that words from the French language try to find a place and your brain tries to avoid such. Your brain has to work continually and doing such enhances your mental ability to outperform others at cognitive tasks.

Avoid the effects of aging

Reading the heading, you can be astonished. You may be thinking about how learning a new language can help you prevent the effects of aging. The positive impact of learning a new language will help you to enhance your cognitive functioning and the long-term abilities of your brain.

It is that a person who speaks many languages can avoid dementia by about five years. So, the language learning that you can have at language classes in Los Angles will not only make you improve the quality of your present life but also help you to improve your future self. We definitely cannot stop the aging process, but why not avoid having the ill effects of aging for a few years by learning a foreign language now.

Build up a second personality

You may have heard many multilingual people say that they feel a different person when they speak a language, not their mother tongue. Yes, this may also have astonished you. Such a feeling is not just a personal experience, but scientific research also backed this feeling. Studies show that when a person asked a similar question once in the mother tongue and then in a different language, they react differently. Some may act funnier and some may be a better conversationalist when speaking in two different languages. We all have the desire to be different personalities in our life, so why not learn a different language to be different persons at times.

Know about the world

Learning a new language, will open doors to knowing the world more thoroughly. You can read books and journals of different languages translated into English, but can you have a similar flavor as reading the same book or journal in the actual language. It is not only about reading but also the entire world of communication. How would you feel standing in front of a French person and asking if he can understand English while on the other hand knowing French if you wish in the French language and continue speaking in a language that you both understand?

Way to earn money

It is not that learning a foreign language gives you only cognitive and personal benefits, but it offers materialistic benefits. A multilingual person receives more than a monolingual. Companies provide a multilingual person 5 to 20% more than a monolingual. It is because they understand that a multilingual can communicate more fluently than a monolingual.

Think about rationality

Nelson Mandela once said that if you speak to a person in a language that he understands, then it hits the brain and if you talk in his mother tongue, it strikes the heart. So, if you speak to a German after learning the German language, you can honestly talk to them without having superfluous communication.

Have greater empathy

It is not that learning a new language, you will be rational, but you can be empathetic. When you, as a multilingual, try to speak, you have to listen to your interlocutor and, at the same time, feel the communication. Doing such, you will develop the tone of the other speaker and imitate those in your future conversations.

So, by now, you definitely must have decided to learn a foreign language. If you search for language school near me in Los Angles, then it is sure you will land at Strommen Inc. They have a well-developed means of making it possible to learn language both in online and physical classes. Call at (323) 638-9787 to enroll in their classes.

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