Where Do You Buy Three Stone Affordable Engagement Rings in Canada?

Are you looking to buy engagement rings in Canada at an affordable budget? There are a number of factors to consider when making a selection. One of the first considerations is to decide the type of engagement ring you should wear.  There are many types of rings including three stone rings.


Three stone rings are otherwise known as trilogy or trip rings. They’re considered amongst the most popular collection of engagement rings.

When it comes to engagement rings, the three stone rings have much to offer. Here are some reasons why they should be on your wishlist:

    • Value for money and lots of savings


    • Greatly symbolic


    • Adding glitter and diamonds


    • Versatile with unique design options


What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?


In simple terms, a three stone ring is a ring that features three gemstones. The designs are different; but the traditional three stone rings come with a center stone flanked by two smaller stones by each side.

Round diamonds are the popular choice for three stone rings. But the rings can incorporate any diamond shape, size and color as well as colored gemstones. This makes the ring design highly versatile and stylish.


The three ring design has been around for a quite long time. Initially, these rings are termed as anniversary rings; but now they’re popular as engagement rings.

What Do Three Stone Rings Mean for the Wearer?

As discussed above, the three stone ring design isn’t just beautiful; but highly significant. It holds one of the most meaningful ring designs. This is partly a reason behind its appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the meanings behind wearing this three stone engagement ring:

The Past, Present and Future


The three stones present in the ring could represent the past, present and future of the couple. But the larger middle stone can tell you to focus on the present. Again if the stones are arranged in a small to large fashion, it could interpret that the couple grows together on their life journey from past to future.

The Friendship, Love and Fidelity –

One can interpret that three stones stand for three important aspects of a healthy companionship, i.e. friendship, love, and fidelity. If both of you’ve eternal love, strong friendship, and fidelity, you both are in a good relationship.

Own Interpretation –

Moreover, you can give your own meaning to the three stone rings depending on what matters to you really the most.

Where Do You Buy Three Stone Affordable Engagement Rings in Canada?

When it comes to buying three stone engagement rings in Canada at an affordable price, you can consider the services of an experienced jewellery manufacturer that has been around for about 4 decades, Lily Jewellery Manufacturing.. Lily Jewellery  specialize in providing an extensive selection of engagement rings to choose from including three stone rings. Check out the collection and make your purchase to sparkle on your engagement day!


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