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Do You Know What Is In Your Vape Juice?

Electronic cigarettes don’t have actual tobacco or other injurious ingredients like tar and carbon monoxide, which are usually found in conventional cigarettes. Instead, electronic cigarettes make use of a liquid nicotine solution known as e-juice or vape liquid. You must be wondering what is e-juice exactly? Well, vape juice is made from 4 basic ingredients; nicotine, water, flavourings, and vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol base.

Nicotine: This addictive ingredient usually found in electronic cigarettes & conventional cigarettes. When nicotine consumed it arouses the central nervous system & elevates blood pressure level, respiration and heart rate. When this substance enters our brain, it liberates a sense of happiness with the increased dopamine levels. Manufacturers are likely to supply their vape juices in different nicotine potencies, ranging from zero to 36mg per milliliter.

Flavourings: More than 7 thousand flavor exist today including pineapple, cherry, berry blast, cinnamon, sweet tarts, fresh apples, watermelon and even tobacco. It is actually almost impossible to list all the chemicals that produce the flavor, but one chemical that deserves a mention is diacetyle which is generally used in giving a buttery flavor to popcorn.

PG (Propylene Glycol) – This is a lab-prepared liquid that the FDA usually consider safe in drugs, cosmetics and foods. Also it is used to produce artificial fog or smoke for performances.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) – Colorless and odorless, VG is slightly sweet in terms of taste. Like Propylene Glycol, the FDA usually consider it as non-hazardous. It is found in several products including food, drugs, prescription medications, and OTC medications.

While some of the ingredients mentioned above are known to be safe in drugs and foods, what remains vague is the health risks that come from ingesting large quantity of the chemicals over time. However, one thing is very clear that vape juices are usually much safer than traditional cigarettes as they don’t have any direct tobacco in them. They are also free from injurious ingredients like tar and carbon monoxide.


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