Why Choose A Cloud Server Over An On-Site Server

Considering the cloud? You aren’t alone. According to Forbes 85 percent of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2022. The age of maintaining a dedicated on-site server is diminishing, so switching to a hosted cloud service in NYC will help enhance the workflow of your company, save money, and make sure that you stay ahead of the competition.

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Should you upgrade your system to an efficient cloud-based platform? The simple answer is yes, but if you still need more convincing reasons, then let us provide you with that as well.


Storing your organization’s data in the cloud can safeguard it against unplanned loss and spiteful activity as well as from events such as floods, earthquakes and fire. Cloud storage, particularly dedicated server hosting prevent cybercrime & other security threats very efficiently. Though users still have to execute their own protections, for example, managing passwords & permissions, migrating data to the cloud server safeguards sensitive info from human error, physical damage and cyberthreats.


Centralized collaboration:

As your data is centralized in a cloud platform, you’ve the luxury to work together with others on projects & share your work easily. Communication between you& your colleagues is accelerated. Irrespective of the client or supplier setup of your company, everyone employs the same files in the same format in the same place, in real-time, enhancing the project’s consistency. Also, with a cloud platform you can easily integrate into your existing technology toolset, transferring data easily through API, with the option to automate processes.

Anywhere, anytime account access:

When you have your technology platform in the cloud, you can get access to your account irrespective of where you are and what time it is. With an internet connectivity projects can be worked on more than one device and in any location. As users are not confined by a precise location, they get more flexibility and freedom.

Unfortunately working anytime, anywhere isn’t always the case with a dedicated server. When it comes to server maintenance or upgrades, dedicated servers do go through a downtime period, which result in halt of productivity. On the other hand, cloud servers have no downtime deployment whatsoever so system get upgraded automatically even when users are using the platform.

Here at CompCiti, we offer cloud services in NYC build to address your needs. Whether you have already invested in the cloud and want to optimize your infrastructure or desperate to make the move but have no idea from where to start, CompCiti is here to assist. Call us now to stay innovating with our cloud computing solutions.