Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar

Why Do You Buy Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar?

Are you new to vaping? If yes, then purchasing disposable pod device makes sense. Nowadays disposable vape devices are gaining popularity because of their extreme convenience. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, you will take advantage of hassle-free experience with disposable vapes.

These vaping kits aim to deliver the ultimate level of nicotine satisfaction and experience likewise the traditional cigarette. Their common features include no maintenance, disposable and extremely compact design.

Once the battery runs out, it’s time to get this vaping device disposed. It appeals vapers of different skill levels because of their wonderful experience. Again if you’re just starting out your vaping journey and have no prior vaping knowledge, disposables are just perfect alternative to opt for. It’s because of the fact that you just open the pack and puff on the device to activate immediately.

The Benefits of Disposable Pod Device

  • Pre-filled with Salt Nicotine e-liquid
  • Traditional cigarette experience
  • Extremely compact design
  • Draw activated design
  • Simplicity and functionality
  • Hassle-free setup
  • No maintenance
  • Easy to carry around

Why Do You Buy Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar?

Ripe Bar is all-in-one revolutionary disposable pod device designed specifically to deliver rewarding cigarette like experiences. It’s a unique alternative to those who are looking to live smoke-free lifestyle and feel apprehensive about vaping.

Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar

With Ripe Bar device, you will have simple and carefree vaping experience as it’s accessible to those who are looking for a better alternative to stop smoking. Every Ripe Bar disposable pod device comes with sufficient amount of salt nicotine e-liquid that matches a complete pack of cigarettes.

This disposable pod device is powered by a pre-charged low wattage battery. There’s no need to use any buttons or complicated settings as the device to ready to be enjoyed directly out of package. In addition, it’s quite small enough to fit pocket of any size and is able to deliver satisfying amount of vapor.

As a result, you will switch the smoking habit for good. Rest assured that, all salt nicotine e-liquid is combined masterfully by the experts at Salt Nic Labs. It uses only the premium standard ingredients ensuring your ultimate enjoyment and optimal satisfaction.

Moreover, Ripe Bar disposable pod is ideal option for ensuring effortless vaping experiences while providing you with a great value. Upon buying this device, you’ll receive one pre-filled disposable pod – which is equivalent to a whopping 20 cigarettes.

It’s time to ditch cigarettes, grab a piece of disposable pod so that you can start to enjoy a relaxing and active smoke-free lifestyle. Out of all flavors, Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar is worth trying. This disposable device has the most unique Fuji apple and guava e-juice combined together with sweet watermelon for amazingly fruity vaping experience.

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