Why It’s So Tough To Quit Smoking & How Vaping Can Help

Do you know how much harm one small cigarette can do? When you have started smoking at a young age, you never thought a small stick of tobacco could cause any issue.

The habit of smoking has been displayed on screen for several years, and a lot of people grow up watching family members smoke. It’s a socially acceptable habit.

The issue with addiction:

When our brain get something pleasurable, they usually wish more of it. It’s a simple survival behaviour.

Being a publically acceptable habit, smoking is easy to access. It’s believed that nicotine could be as habit forming as cocaine and heroin, and henceforth, when it is time to quit smoking, nicotine can be as difficult to get rid of yourself as these unlawful substances.

While smoking, it isn’t merely the nicotine hit that trigger addiction. There’re more than five thousand chemicals in tobacco smoke.

Smoking is a complicated act, and people become addicted to smoking for several reasons. From helping to decrease stress or a habit developed over several years, quitting smoking is hardly as simple as just deciding one day you’ll stop.


In our daily lives, we usually undergo mental strain, and this can affect our quality of life. From a family argument to getting stuck in a traffic, life can be stressful. Since nicotine triggers a fast response in brain to help enhance mood, it looks as a simple solution to help people feel less strained

Unfortunately, smoking only decreases sense of stress temporarily. It doesn’t deal with the fact why we felt strained. Since regular nicotine dosage trigger chemical alternations in our brain, we feel withdrawal symptoms and may feel even more stressed. And this force us to lighten up another cigarette.

Once we’re addicted to smoking our body craves the advantages of nicotine, and when you feel stressed, it’s the 1st thing we reach for. If you’re dealing with stress in your life by smoking cigarette, you’re more than likely avoiding any problems, and they can start to pile up.

The health gains of stopping smoking are well-documented. You can opt for nicotine replacement therapy like patches, gum or vaping. Many people who quit find that vape juices are particularly useful as they’ve an identical taste to cigarettes. This can make the early changeover period from smoking to vaping a bit easier.

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