Why Vaping Is More Convenient Than Smoking

Vaping was used predominantly by folks who’re into tech. Not just it’s a new idea of smoking, but it assures lesser side effects compared to conventional cigarette smoking. After its introduction, more & more people are switching to e-cig. Today, even the non-tech people like working professionals, seniors and moms are loving the concept of vaping. They prefer vape over other traditional smoke due to these below mentioned reasons.

Good bye to the lingering tobacco smell:

The odour coming from a traditional cigarette can linger in a room for more than four hours. That’s why it’s not recommended to smoke indoor where children might breathe in the smoke and fall sick. Above all, the tobacco smell would stick with your hands, clothes and mouth. Luckily, vaping don’t come with such kind of things. Vapers do release gases but they don’t smell as nasty as the smoke produced by a conventional cigarette.

Have a control on the puffs:

Heavy smokers just hate to put their cigarette simply because they’re contended with just a few puffs. Even they purchase their packet of cigarettes online via promo code, they still spend a considerable amount of money because of their desire to puff but unable to finish the whole cigarette. Luckily, with an e-cig, you have the luxury of controlling your puff. When you are done, just stop the power button.

No more cluttered ashes & cigarette butts:

Smoking is a serious messy affair as every time your smoke you need to discard your cigarette butts. They pile up until you feel remorseful of smoking a lot. Ashes is what makes smoking messy. You always need an ashtray to get rid of such issues. However, with vaping you don’t need to carry ashtray wherever you go or discard your cigarette butts for good.

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