Why Vaping Isn’t Bad For Your Oral Health Like Cigarettes

We have been educated for years that smoking is bad for your oral wellbeing. Bad breath, stained teeth, a loss of taste and a far higher risk of oral cancer are just some of the nasty side effects of smoking. Vaping is accepted as being far better than smoking from a general health point of view, but what about our oral wellbeing. Is vaping dangerous for your gums and teeth and how does it compare to smoking.

Vaping doesn’t have the same lengthy history as smoking, and so there’re lesser studies into its effect on the human body. Nevertheless, ample studies has been performed to clarify that vaping is far superior to smoking for your oral wellbeing.

Bacteria build up:

It’s the act of burning tobacco & other substances exist in cigarettes that produces tar & the nearly seven thousand other chemicals concerned with smoking. It’s these by-products of smoking that weaken the immune system, letting oral germ to nourish.

Vaping is an absolute different procedure to smoking that does not depend on burning. Instead, vape juices are heated to a point where they change from a liquid to a vapour. No tar is produced in the course of vaping and vape juices don’t boast the thousands of chemicals discovered in cigarettes.

Vape juices include PG, VG, water, nicotine and flavorings like fruit, mint or tobacco. All these substances have been employed widely in food items for year & are known to be risk-free for human use.

Gum disease:

Vaping doesn’t impede the immune system like smoking, and henceforth, bacterial contagions are less expected to have an impact on a vaper than they’re on a smoker.

Stained teeth and bad breath:

Tar is the main malefactor of teeth staining and bad breath in smokers. Vaping doesn’t produce tar, nor does it produce any other chemicals that could lead to any of these smoking associated problems.

Oral cancer:

Among the seven thousand chemicals created by smoking more than 200 are known to be injurious to the human body. Vaping does not produce tar, and so the threat of oral cancer is dramatically decreased for vapers.

Vape juices usually contain nicotine which is highly addictive. However, nicotine isn’t known to prompt any serious health issues in vapers provided it’s not consumed in excess doses.

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