Beni Ourain Rug – A piece of Morocco’s soul

Seventeen different Berber tribes on the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco make up the semi-nomadic Beni Ourain group. The presence of seventeen specific tribes has made it possible to have diverse patterns and design elements into the Beni Ourain rug that one can have from reputed manufacturers. Some tribes have preferred colors, while some have monochromatic design elements making their rugs stand apart from the rest. 


The specialty of Beni Ourain rug

The Beni rug specialty is the geometric designs, mostly black and brown lines to form diamond patterns. These patterns not only add aesthetics to the rug but also depict stories of the weavers’ life. Another specialty of these rugs is that they are hand-knotted and hand-spun using lanolin-rich wool from an ancient breed of sheep grazing in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Moreover, there is no use of artificial colors to dye the rugs. These rugs are for those who love to appreciate the natural world. Using these rugs, one can have the pleasure of warmth and luxury.


The delicate variation in line thickness, imperfections in color, and geometric designs’ irregularity lend these pieces of rugs such as depth and character. The depth and texture of Beni rugs have made it the loved one all over the world by those who love to have antique rugs.

Reasons people love to have Beni rug

The straightforwardness of the tribal designs makes these rugs naturally adjustable into any of today’s interiors. Whether your style is diverse and bohemian, minimal, or midcentury modern, it is easy that you will find a Beni Ourain to fit your interior décor.

The superb quality of wool from the special sheep in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains make these rugs have the warmth and luxurious at the same time. 


These conventional Berber rugs are ethnically rich, stylish statement pieces that can merge perfectly to their neutral surroundings, adding a touch of warmness where needed. Their straightforward, un-dyed tribal or geometric designs fit well in rooms with clean lines and polished surfaces. One can use these rugs at contemporary city flats to have a voguish look or use them as area rugs in family homes where one desires to have a sophisticated styled look.

When one has a soft, white tribal Beni rug against a background of earthy colors, it can create a raw, contemporary feel.


How to have such Moroccan rugs 

Having a Beni Ourain rug from WeBerber, you can bring home a piece of Morocco’s soul. The rug will display and narrate the weaver’s story through the color and design displayed on them. The stories can allude to births, fertility, nature, or femininity. WeBerber themselves are direct decedents of the Moroccan Berber family. They make it possible to have an authentic Beni rug at an affordable price. Their business aims to make it possible for all to have natural, beautiful and original Moroccan handmade wool rugs. Call 0808507542 to place your order for genuine Moroccan rugs.