What Are The Different Type Of Vape Devices Out There

It usually looks like a simple task to shift to vaping from smoking. You might have several brand names in your head. You heard some from your mates & some you found yourself with research. When you’re standing in front of a whole rack filled with diverse vape devices, things can look more complicated.

Between different types of vape devices such as vape pens, box mods, cig-a-likes, etc, you might get absolutely baffled. This may force you to invest your hard earned money on a device that’s absolutely unsuited for you.

So, to steer clear of such a situation from happening, let’s find out the different types of vape devices available today.


As the name says, they’ve an identical size, shape, and appearance as well. They’ve smaller batteries. They’ve cartomizers that have the vape juice and resistance coil. These cartomizers are known as vape tanks.

Tank systems or vape pens:

These devices are labelled as vape pens as their size and shape is absolutely identical to a marker pen. Their batteries are durable compared to cig-a-like devices. They’ve a vape tank that keeps vape juice & replaceable coils. You just need to press a button to start vaporizing the vape juice.

Vape mods:

These are the kinds of vape devices that are widely used nowadays. They avail in a wide array of size and shape. In fact, they’ve the biggest shape in all types of vape devices out there.

They’ve bigger vape tanks. These devices are available with different features where the vaper can set the voltage of the vape tank. They proffer more powerful puffs & are made to offer utmost vapour production.

Be clear about how much you’re keen to spend on your vaping device:

The running costs of vaping such as purchasing new vape juices, new coils, replacing vape tanks, etc aren’t that costly. The initial cost is the mere considerable expense here. Remember that whatever you will spend on your e-cig & its supplies, will be nearly equal to how much you will spend while you’re smoking. You will need to take into account all these circumstances before you start investing in vaping.

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