Candy-Licious Vape Juices By Nomenon for a Sweet Treat

Vaping on your mind! Then you must have scrolled through numerous websites and browsed the internet to find the different vape juice flavors. Also, you must have found that vape juices come in all sorts of flavors ranging from mint to candy right through to coffee and more. If you have a sweet tooth then you will definitely fall in love with the candy flavors from the house of Nomenon. The manufacturer creates some of the sweetest vape juice options that make your taste buds tingle with delight.

Worry if these sweet delights will make you gain weight? Then you will be glad to know that these vape juices are designed for those who want to quit smoking with the added benefit of helping you in losing weight. So next time you crave for sweet candies pick up candy-flavored vape juices instead. These sweet flavors satisfy your cravings while making you snack less hence helping you cut down on those unnecessary calories. Over time with reduced calorie intake helps you in losing some significant amount of pounds.

The sweet vape juice delights from the House of Nomenon

Take a look at some of the best selling and most popular vape juice flavors from the house of candy-licious Nomenon and choose the one that delights you the most:

Spearnomenon vape juice by Nomenon  is a 120 ml of sheer love. Spearnomenon vape juice is made to be vaped all day long. This Nomenon vape juice offers appetizing spearmint flavored vape juice with a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor intensity. You can also find the menthol version of Spearnomenon that tastes wild and natural like no other spear-flavored vape juice has ever tasted.

Spearnomenon Vape Juice by Nomenon 120ml

  • Lemonomenon by Nomenon 120ml

Lemonomenon vape juice by Nomenon is a fresh take on an old-time lemon treat. It offers a flavor of sweet lemon wrapped in a tart candy shell. What else you want! It is a true lemony delight for all lemon flavored candy lovers.

  • Watanomenon by Nomenon 120ml

Experience the truest watermelon vape you never tried before with Watanomenon vape juice by Nomenon. The vape juice is a sweet multilayered watermelon amalgamated together to create the ultimate unique flavor!

  • Blunomenon by Nomenon 120ml

All berry lovers out there, Nomenon brings you a delicious blue raspberry hard candy infused vape juice with the scientific essence of yum in the form of a 120 ml bottle of Blunomenon.

  • Stranomenon by Nomenon 120ml

Stranomenon is a classic strawberry flavor from the house of Nomenon that brings your favorite old-fashioned treats. The vape juice gives you the feel of hard candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers.

  • Grapenomenon by Nomenon 120ml

Grapenomenon is a great grape candy vape that is Crunchy, Sweet and sour hard candy with a lot of grape. Hola grape lovers – do try this vape juice once!

You can discover the ICED versions of all these vape juice flavors that come with a dash of menthol that leaves your taste buds refreshed with its minty flavor.


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