Various Aspects of Vaping to Look Upon

Vaping is always surrounded by doubts, confusions and myths. While some people claim that they have quit smoking by incorporating vaping into their lives, others say that vaping is not a great choice. Such contradictory statements leave people thinking to opt for vaping confused. If you too feel the same way then take a look at the post below:

Vaping is a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco smoking because a vaping device heats e-liquid on a coil and produces a vapor that contains nicotine that you inhale just like a cigarette. But this vapor generated does not produce those harmful carcinogens that a cigarette does.

Styles of Vaping

Usually, there are two different styles of vaping – Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung.

  • Mouth to Lung (MTL): It is designed for offering you a feel of having a cigarette, the draw is tight and you take the vapor into your mouth and then inhale the vapor to your lungs just like you do with a cigarette.
  • Direct to Lung (DL): In this style of vaping you take a draw with a big airflow straight into your lungs just like you take a breath of air when you breathe.

Types of E Liquid Ratios

E-liquid ratios are of two types i.e. 50/50 and 70/30. The ingredients in e liquids are vegetable glycerine(VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine and flavorings. In the case of MTL a 50/50 e juice (that is made of 50% PG and 50% VG) is recommended that produces small amounts of vapor when exhaled. For DL vaping 70/30 e-liquid is ideal that contains 70% VG and 30% PG as these type of e liquids are thicker and produces thicker, bigger and denser vapor clouds.

Vape Juice Flavors

Another significant factor that determines the quality of your vape juice is the flavor. Whether you are new to vaping or a seasonal vaper, you must try out the best and your favorite flavor to get a premium vaping experience.

When it comes to the premium vaping experience, Hi-Drip brings you an extensive selection of tropical fruit vape juices that are delicious and satisfying. These vape juice flavors have been satisfying vapers from all over the world since 2015 and still going strong. From the first hit to the last drop, Hi-Drip vape juices will leave you and your taste buds satisfied to the fullest. You can find these vape juices packaged beautifully in colorful boxes. Each bottle delivers high-quality performance.

Take a look at the best selling Hi-Drip vape juice flavors and choose the one that entices you the most:

  • Island Orange (Blood Orange Pineapple) by Hi-Drip 100ml

Island Orange Vape Juice by Hi-Drip 100ml is a complete fruity tropical paradise that you can enjoy any time of the day with this sensationally sweet candy vape. The vape juice comes with powerfully scrumptious blood orange and succulent pineapple flavors packed into one perfect candy chew.

Island Orange Vape Juice by Hi-Drip 100ml

  • Peachy Mango (Mango Peach) by Hi-Drip 100ml

Peachy Mango by Hi-Drip delivers a flavor that gives your taste buds the ride of their life with a powerful hit of mango peach candy. Each puff sets free a sweet flood of ripe mango bonded with sweet peach and finished with the signature taste of chewy candy.

  • Melon Patch (Water Melons) by Hi-Drip 100ml

With Melon Patch get indulged in the outrageously delicious taste of the succulent watermelon candy chew. It is a refreshing, yet sugary and sweet way to make your summer rejuvenated.

  • Dew Berry (Honeydew Strawberry) by Hi-Drip 100ml

Hi-Drip Dew Berry is a fruity blend of honeydew, strawberry and candy. When you inhale, it’s the smooth honeydew flavor that fills the mouth. And on the exhale, the delicious ripe strawberry flavor covers your taste buds.

Note: All these flavors come in ICED versions as well! So chill in summer with these delicious delights.


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