Delectable Burst Duo Fruity Flavors to Crave For

Are you a vaper who is craving for fruit flavors that taste like real fruits? Then you must try out the delectable fruity flavors from the house of Burst Duo. Burst Duo is a new and premium fruit inspired vape juice line developed by Burst E Liquid used specifically for sub-ohm devices. Want to check out the different flavors available with the manufacturer? Then scroll down:

Kiwi Strawberry by Burst Duo 60ml

Kiwi Strawberry by Burst Duo 60ml bottle brings you an exclusive flavor profile that blends two luscious summertime fruits. The vape juice concocts juicy and ripe strawberries that boast notes of sweetness with tangy kiwis offering you with topical goodness. Experience the tangy zing of fresh strawberries on the inhale followed by a rush of fresh kiwi juice gliding across the palate. On the exhale your taste buds will be refreshed with the sweetness of two fruits jointly.

Kiwi Strawberry by Burst Duo 60ml

Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo 60ml

Peach Raspberry by Burst Duo is an exquisite combination of luscious peaches and sharp, ripe raspberries. Experience an expensive cocktail  flavor that will tantalize your tongue instantly with its complexity. Taste the tartness of raspberry juice on the inhale which gradually fades leaving back a delectable sweetness of raspberry. After which a distinctive tang of juicy Georgia peaches emerge, hitting the spot when you’re feeling thirsty. The two fruits continue to satisfy with a natural sweetness that leaves you astonished with flavors.

Apple Watermelon by Burst Duo 60ml

Apple Watermelon by Burst Duo is a delectable and refreshing concoction of juicy red apples and cool watermelon slices. On the inhale, your taste buds will be bathed by the freshness of apple juice that is sweet, crisp and refreshing. As the natural sugars of red apples begin to become more pronounced, watermelon juice starts to flood the mouth with its crisp and cool taste. On the exhale you get a perfect amount of sweetness.

Guava Dragon Fruit by Burst Duo 60ml

Guava Dragon Fruit by Burst is a scrumptiously tempting mishmash of sweet, exotic fruits. Luscious guava is masterfully blended with juicy dragon fruit, hand-picked from the mountains of Costa Rica. This luxurious fusion of delicious fruit flavors come together in perfect synchronization, resulting in an unparalleled vaping experience you will absolutely love.

All the fruit lovers out there, go for Burst Duo flavors and you will surely fall in love with its exclusive flavor profiles.


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