Flavorful Vape Juices from the House of Noms X2

Do you wish to enjoy an exceptional vaping experience? Then you must try out the vape juices from the house of Noms X2. These vape juices are crafted keeping both quality and taste in mind. The manufacturer gives attention to the minute details while creating their vape juices which helps them deliver some of the most delectable e juices in the market. The fruity flavors from the house of Noms X2 offer the ultimate fruit delight you crave for.

Do you want to explore the world of flavorful NomsX2 vape juices? Want to learn about the various flavor profiles the manufacturer offers? Then scroll down:

If you are craving for a peachy and berry flavored e juice then the White Peach Raspberry by Nom X2 is something you must try out. This e liquid blends juicy white peaches and ripe raspberries to make a flavor-packed fruity e juice that is sure to please. Get your mouth flooded with this savory fruity delight and have a delightful vaping experience.

White Peach Raspberry by Noms X2 120ml

  • Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 120ml

If you and your friends are searching for a luscious vape juice that offers great taste and cloud production, then Cactus Jackfruit Mandarin by Noms X2 is your best bet. The e liquid mixes cactus with delightful jackfruit and finishes it off with the citrusy flavor of the mandarin orange. When all these gets combined together an incredible vape juice is produced. So, go for it today!

  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Noms X2 120ml

Freshness of kiwi and tanginess of passion fruit when blended together, a god like mix of tropical nectar e juice is created that is called Kiwi Passion Fruit Nectarine by Nom X2. So if you are interested in getting your taste buds smothered by authentic kiwi and passion fruit flavor then give this delectable e juice a try!

  • Cherry Lime Ginger by Noms X2 120ml

Imagine a refreshing glass of cool lime lemonade gets mixed with the sweet overtones of cherry  paired with tangy ginger. How would be the taste? Awesome! Right? This is what Cherry Lime Ginger by Noms X2 all about.  On the first hit you will get a nice burst of wild black cherries and when you exhale experience the nice refreshing sensation of sipping on your favorite limeade beverage. Too much flavor!

  • Phenomenon by Noms X2 120ml

If magic is what you desire? The Phenomenon by Noms X2 is a magical e juice flavor that is a big mystery that will keep you excited throughout. So relish this mystical tropic delight today!


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