Different Types Of Vape Avail In The Market

There is a dizzying amount of different kinds of vapes on the market. It can be tough to navigate. A vape is one of the 2 things you require to start vaping; the other is e-liquid. This post will help you distinguish between the basic types of vapes & hopefully help you find one that best suit your needs.

Flavored Vapes


While all vapes can be called “e-cigs”, the term is most widely used for cigalikes, devices that are identical to a cigarette in shape and size. These generally avail in 1 or 2-piece designs & are possibly the easiest vapes to operate. One-piece designs are generally disposable, whereas two-piece avail with disposable cartridges.

Pod vapes:

The newest type of vape to hit the market, pod vapes are some of the most realistic vaping devices available. A pod vape is a two-piece device, with one being the battery & the other a replaceable and usually refillable pod. Pod vapes are generally cost-effective & pretty easy to use, while performing at a higher level than most e-cigs. Also, they’re a perfect fit for nicotine salt e-juice, making them a very competent vape for nicotine delivery.

Woman Smoking an E-Cigarette

Vape pens:

The 1st advancement of an e-cig, vape pens are bigger & perform better than cigalikes. While they differ in size, most vape pens are solid enough to fit in the hand. They generally comprise of 2 parts: the tank and the battery. These can be removable, or avail in all-in-one design. Vape pens avail with internal batteries & their capacity is usually limited because of the considerably small size of the devices.

Box mod starter kits:

Box mod kits are bigger & more competent vapes and cover usually intermediate to advanced vapes. The extra size generally means better performance & longer battery lifespan. The majority of box mods avail with settings & features like variable wattage or even temperature control. The included tanks can be direct lung sub ohms tanks or mouth to lung clearomizers.

First Vape Pen

High wattage box mod starter kits:

High wattage box mod starter kits are some of the most renowned vapes on the market. In majority of the cases, High wattage box mods are paired with tanks that are disposable coils, but you may also get them paired with rebuildables like RTAs, RDAs or RDTAs. The number of batteries dictates the size & power of the device; most high wattage box mods take 2 or 3 batteries, but 4 batteries or more isn’t unheard of.

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