3 Very Important Things Every New Vaper Must Know

When you are new to the vaping world, everything can look a little overwhelming at first. So if you are interested to know the basics of vaping, you are in the right place. Here I have compiled a few things that every new vaper must know.

How vapor is made:

It is easy to see how smoke is produced from a cigarette. You put fire on the cigarette, and it produces smoke. On the other hand, vapor depends on technology that is a little more complex.



Basically, vapor from an e-cig is produced inside a component called the “coil 5” which is made from a wire with cotton wicked through or around it. The cotton caters as a soaking material for e-juice. The wire coil connects to the base of the tank, and into the vape battery, which runs a current through the coil when occupied, heating the wire & vaporizing the soaked e-juice from the cotton.

What type of decide is suitable for you?

There’re thousands of different e-cigs available across the globe, some of which may be right for your individual requirements, and others which mayn’t.

To make things more straightforward, we can categorize these models down into 2 general types: mouth-to-lung e-cig and direct-to-lung e-cig.

Mouth-to-lung e-cigs are styled to replicate a cigarette-like inhale. Named after the style of inhale of a cigarette, mouth-to-lung devices will let you draw vapor into your mouth prior to inhaling. These devices will offer you a smaller volume of denser flavor. This style is usually favored by new vapers, as it offers the same sort of pull as the puff of a cigarette.

New Vaper Must Know


Direct- to-lunge e-cigs are designed to generate higher amounts of less dense vapor. The draw on a direct lung device is much airier & identical to hookah smoking. Vapor made from these devices is intended to be, as the name suggests, directly inhaled into the lungs. These devices are generally more popular among shisha smoker or more advanced vapers.

Making an informed decision regarding which style device is appropriate for you is especially important to your success in switching to vaping.

How to find quality e-juice:

The best way to make sure that you’re getting quality e-juice is to purchase it from a trusted supplier. This means avoiding no-name brand e-juice or e-juice sold at non-vape stores (unless they’re produced by a well-known brand).

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