Lemon Fraise by Le' Banger 120ml

How Do You Bring a Lemon Twist to Vaping?

Do you like to have lemon flavor? Why don’t you bring it into your vape? Make it happen with Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger 120ml. This vape has your favorite bite size rectangular shape candies. You will feel like having a freshly squeezed lemons and strawberries with a familiar taste of sweet hard candy. When you take Lemon Twist, you will have the lemon citrus tartness on taste buds in inhale. The exhale smoothens over the lingering tart lemon flavor with a touch of sweet strawberry.

Lemon Fraise by Le' Banger 120ml

Lemon Fraise ejuice by Le’ Banger allows you unwrap a party with full of clouds comprising of hard candies of zesty lemon and sun-kissed strawberries. You won’t be able to forget the jamming beat of tasty sweetness and sour goodness.

The lemon flavor has the sweet and gentle strawberries along with bold and brazen lemons. These tasty flavors are combined in a sweet hard candy, wrapped in glittering paper and letting to dance throughout your clouds.

It’s time to un-wrap the juicy little treats and to pop a cap of fresh flavors in a vape tank. The snazzy Meyer lemons dance a happy jig while raining down on your vaping taste buds with tartness and souring flavor.

As a result, you will have mouthwatering experiences and make your clouds dancing for sure. You should be ready to have a blast of sugary sour flavor of Lemon Fraise ejuice by Le’ Banger 120ml with every lemon burst.

In addition to, you will get a great sweetness with every sour as the prized strawberry zinger into the blend. There are hundreds of ripe red berries collected from a wild strawberry field, making sure that every berry in the pack has the punch of refreshing sweetness.

The fresh fruity treats were boiled down into sweet syrup and cooled down into hard candy with little spheres. The goodness of strawberry calms down the sourness of zesty lemons and keeps your vaping taste buds guessing the next juicy flavors that come in.

Where Do You Buy Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger 120ml?

Are you looking for a reliable online vape shop? If yes, then you should look no further than Ejuice Store. We offer discounted vape deals allowing you have refreshing and mouthwatering vaping experiences. If you really like to have zesty lemon and sweet strawberry flavor, you should shop for Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger 120ml from Ejuice Store.

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So, what are you waiting for? Join the party right now and keep your clouds with tasty sweetness and sourness with Lemon Fraise by Le’ Banger! What’s your experience after vaping this mind-boggling vape? Feel free share them in the comment section below!

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