Tasting the Exceptional Cosmic Fog Apple Butter Flavor

Cosmic Fog has been in the vaping industry for its exceptional flavors. Amongst all, Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog is one of the best flavors you should look out for. It’s a perfect blend of ripe Washington apples simmering in sweet cinnamon and caramel. This e-juice makes for a tasty vaping treat by absorbing the fruity, spiced aromas in a unicorn bottle.

The sweet-flavored apples are slowly mixed into a buttery blended and combined with just a pinch of spicy cinnamon. As a result, you will get a delicious, smooth apple cinnamon ejuice that you want to vape year-round.

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Apple Butter e-juice offers smooth, crisp, spicy apple flavor that you will love. This classic flavor smells and tastes the same as the freshly baked apple pie. It can make your mouth water, and your senses swoon.

Sweet apple slices are simmered with sugar and butter until they become soft and golden to make a caramelized perfection. All of them are combined with cinnamon to create a signature spicy apple taste that you can’t resist.

When you inhale, you will get to taste buttery apples that will melt in your mouth entirely and caress your taste buds. On exhale, get tasty apple butter flavor with small cinnamon spice to bring your all-day vape. If you like to have apple butter or the freshly baked apple pie, you should look no further than Apple Butter E-Juice by Cosmic Fog 60ml. It’s perfect to taste, and you’re sure to love every vape.

As discussed above, the Cosmic Fog vape juice has sweet Washington apples cooked slowly to have the caramelized perfection and combined with cinnamon to bring in the spicy touch. Therefore, you will have the taste that competes with the apple pie made by your grandma.

The Cosmic Fog e-liquid comes with primary flavors like apple, butter, caramel, and cinnamon. Manufactured by Cosmic Fog and Arc Distro, Apple Butter e-juice comes in Nicotine level of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The VG/PG ratio is 70/30.

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Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog 60ml

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