How To Prepare For Vape Cloud Competitions

As the use of e-cig and vaping is increasing in popularity, vape cloud competitions & competitive vaping are also becoming a trend these days. Relying upon your skill level & ability to produce vape clouds, seasoned vapers can pick between local & global competitive vaping events.

Here in this post we will talk about how to get mach ready for competitive vaping.

Opt with high VG & low PG e-liquid:

Most professional competitions give their own vape liquid to keep things fair for every participant. However, if you get the opportunity to pick your own, select vape juice that comes with a pretty high GV solution base & little to no PG. Remember, the higher the VG to PG proportion, the thicker the cloud production will be.

Learn the fundamentals of vaping:

You need to walk first before you can run. So, try to learn the basic vaping tricks first prior to giving competition to the best vape practitioners in the competition. Looking at vape tutorials available online, or taking advice from seasoned vapers can get you match ready quicker than exercising it without any help.

Build an excellent mod with high wattage:

Mods that are very conductive in nature are the best means to create huge clouds as high voltage lets higher cloud creation. Also, don’t forget to keep a strong battery with adequate charge which is sure to go out quick.

Do your research online or ask other vape experts what vape mod they’re making use of. The fact is, some devices aren’t just designed to be pushed to the different configuration you may require to produce massive clouds. We strongly recommend not modifying a vape mod & following the instructions of vape manufacturers.

Hone your breathing technique:

Till date the most vital element in getting success at a professional cloud chasing competition is using your lungs. Make sure that you’ve the basics of vaping covered first.

Practice your vape tricks & get creative with them:

No doubt you know how to blow out a massive vape hit, but that is not going to do it alone. Looking online you can come across many vapers who’ve taken vaping to the next level with vape cloud manipulation. Do your homework & ensure your vape techniques and tricks are technical & original. A showcase of skill alongside something the juries have never witnessed can make you stand out.

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