How ToVape Safely Without The Well-Known Side Effects

I am certain many vapers will agree – we wish to vape as safely as probable, without giving up e-cigs altogether. People who don’t like vaping will say it is best to throw your e- cigarette away, but the truth is: vaping is at least 95 percent safer & less injurious than smoking. It holds very little risks to our health, especially when compared to smoking e-cigs.

However, this does not mean it consists of no risk. There’re certainly a few concerns related with vaping. At, we like to ensure that our customers are aware of the possible risks, how to stay safe. Here we are going to cover the top points you must take into account when looking to stay as secure as feasible while vaping. If you can get smart with your e-cigs, you surely can avoid the dangers and conquer the disgrace surrounding the safety of vaping.

Steer clear of using vape liquids that have THC:

The CDC reported that vitamin E acetate was discovered in the lung fluid of all patients experiencing EVALI, and not in the lungs of healthy people. EVALI is a name given by the Centre for Disease Control for e-cig or vaping product use related lung injury. Since this condition was recognized, there have been more than sixty deaths in the United State of America; though this number is now at a firm decline.

You must be wondering what does this have to do with THC. Well, vitamin E acetate is a thickening agent usually employed in e juices that have THC. The Centre for Disease Control believes that this is the main cause of EVALI.

In the United Kingdom, you won’t generally find THC in regular flavoured or nicotine vape juices. Some CBD vape juices may have small quantities of THC, but under UK guideline this has to be less than 0.2 percent.

Buy vape juices that are diacetyl free:

Diacetyle is a type of chemical which is generally employed in artificial flavourings for a buttery, sweet flavour. It’s notorious to trigger a lung disease often called as ‘popcorn lung’ – this nickname comes from the relation between this chemical & the flavor of popcorn. This official name of this ailment is Bronchiolitis Obliterans – it basically constrains the lung function.

At you can find vape juices that don’t contain diacetyle. Additionally, they don’t have acetoin, which is a chemical that started being employed as a replacement for diacetyle, but it was then found that it’s just as injurious.

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