Which Harmful Ingredients Your Vape Juice Must Not Contain

The increasing popularity of vaping has resulted in so many vape products in the market. As more and more people are switching to vaping from smoking, companies are coming up with several ground breaking vape products & diverse e-liquid flavours to grow their user base.

Vaping has really turned out to be an excellent alternative to smoking. But as the industry expands, the challenges related to the quality is also on the rise. While the majority of good quality vape juice contain high-grade ingredients; many low quality vape juices introduce injurious substance into their mixture. Not only low quality, but particular certified & approved food grade ingredients also likely to bring in injurious effects when vaporized.

Vaping is a considerably new way of using herbs, nicotine and flavours. Therefore, the long-term effects of using these products are not very clear. A few studies show that specific ingredients in CBD vape liquids for pain can impend vapers’ health & wellness after continuous use. So, what are these chemicals that you must avoid having in your e liquid? Well, here’s a list of chemicals you need to eradicate from your vaping habit.

Titanium Dioxide:

The small particles of Titanium Dioxide could possibly get into your lungs and brain and affect cells and neurons. They can trigger mutation, inflammation, and cell damage by increasing oxidative stress. They may also have an impact on the immune system as they possess carcinogenic properties.


The buttery, creamy texture of vape juices is mainly because of acetyl propionyl, diacetyle, and acetoin, collectively known as the diketones. These chemicals are sternly banned for use in food items, though there’re no regulations around their inhalation products.

Large absorptions of these diketones are notorious to trigger extreme lung damage. Study shows that workers in popcorn factory from the 90s suffered from severe bronchiolitis, known as popcorn lung, because of recurrent exposure to diketones. Though the exposure levels are drastically low in e liquids, the impacts of long-term use are unclear. Therefore most conscious vapers steer clear of using vape liquids with any of these diketones.

Vaping can be unbelievably fun with top-quality e juices. Read on the vape juice label carefully to comprehend if any of the aforementioned ingredients are present. If so, then look for alternatives as a safety measure for your health. Steer clear of brands that don’t disclose the ingredients clearly to eradicate doubt.

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