Vape Juice Flavors and Vaper’s Tongue – An Overview

Wondering why many people are switching to vaping and leaving smoking? The primary reason behind this switch is the taste. E-cigs tend to taste a lot better than those tobacco burning cigarettes. Besides that you get a variety of taste ranging from menthol, fruit juices to dessert.

Many vapers experience that vape juice flavors begin to lose their potency eventually after vaping for some time. If you are into vaping world for quite a few time and experiencing the same then you need to understand that you have vaper’s tongue.

What is Vaper’s Tongue?

In simple words, vaper’s tongue is something that almost every vaper experiences and there are several reasons that may be the reason behind such an experience.

One of the things that every vaper needs to know that the taste of the vape juice is not just what you put in your mouth instead it indulges many other senses as well. For example, the smell and feel. Let’s say for instance when you order food at a restaurant what strikes you first – the smell or its decoration? or both? If it smells well and served well decorated, you enjoy your food. Right?

Many people can easily make difference between different flavors while others aren’t quite ready to pick up some complicated flavors found in e juices. Besides that when your olfactory system gets the same smell over and over again, you may start developing odor fatigue, which means your ability to distinguish a particular smell diminishes.

A smoker who usually smokes around the home find it difficult to notice the smell after a while. However, other people entering their space may complain about the smoky feel there. Same thing happens in the case of e juices as well. When you use vape juice for quite some time, you brain and nose get used to it and flavor’s charm begins to fade away for you.

Apart from vaper’s tongue another reason that may stop you from noticing e juice flavors is when you have damaged smell receptors, an illness or when you have a blocked nose.

How To Get Rid of Vaper’s Tongue?

If you want to get rid of vaper’s tongue then try out the following things:

  • Keep changing the e juice flavors frequently

One of the best ways to combat vaper’s tongue is to keep on changing the flavors of your vape juices. For example you are using Spearnomenon Vape Juice by Nomenon 120ml for quite a sometime you can try out other flavors from the same manufacturer like Lemonomenon or Watanomenon. Or you can also try out flavors from other brands. In case you are in love with the spearmint flavor of Spearnomenon Vape Juice by Nomenon 120ml then look for spearmint flavor from other manufacturers.


  • Palate Cleansing

Just like when you are tasting wine you need to cleanse your palate to try new wines by eating some cheese or bread between wines, you need to cleanse your palate while trying out different flavors of e juices. Cleansers include coffee, citrus fruit, spicy food, pickled food and carbonated water.

  • Drink More Water

Dehydration is another reason behind vaper’s tongue, so make sure to stay as hydrated as you can by drinking plenty of water.


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